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Cistercian Abbey of Clairvaux

The abbey of Clairvaux is a former Cistercian abbey, located in the commune of Ville-sous-la-Ferté, fifteen kilometres from Bar-sur-Aube, in the Dawn. Visit this French masterpiece of monascane architecture!

Clairvaux. In the heart of the old Gallic forest covering like a bure the hills and valleys of the first foothills of the Langres Plateau. On the edge of Champagne and Burgundy. Land of silence. It was here that Saint Bernard came nine centuries ago to clear the clearing of the Val d'Absinthe and build the famous abbey where he lived until his death on August 20, 1153. Today, very long, endless walls, in successive rows, forbid any view of the remnants of the splendours of yesteryear. Clairvaux is one of the best-kept central houses in France. The Ministry of Culture has taken over the space of the main historic buildings. So privileged visitors who can enter Clairvaux discover that this closed city contains architectural treasures, including the splendid convers building (12th century) and the great classical cloister of the 18th century, but also the famous and moving "chicken cages" of the old prison.

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