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Gaston Cheq Champagne

Champagne Gaston Cheq, the brand of the Coteaux du Landion cooperative invites you to its tasting space, in the heart of the vineyards to tame the bubble...

Its huge floor-to-ceiling windows will allow you to fully experience the score that is played out both inside and out. You will soak up the atmosphere of our vineyard, enjoying a stunning view of the varied landscape of our region and discovering our varied range of wines, fruit of our history.
Create the unit while retaining the exception!
The company was born in 1961 from the desire of some winemakers to meet in order to pressure their grapes.
Over the years, the cooperative offers its member winemakers more extensive services: winemaking, dressing and marketing.
Located in Meurville, nestled in the heart of the vineyards, the Landion Coteaux Cooperative now brings together 80 winemakers spread over 180 hectares, from Bar-sur-Aube to Bar-sur-Seine. They make homogeneous and regular blends and express the typicality of unique micro terroirs with more intimate vintages.
Anxious to preserve this rich land, the winemakers conduct their vines in a reasoned and reasonable way. The cooperative initiated a vineyard quality approach in 2001. It frames every step, from planting to harvesting, so that the vines are worked with the utmost respect for the environment.
The Champagne know-how is shared and lived, following step by step all the stages of wine making.
A tasting place designed for an optimized sensory experience in a comfortable and warm environment.

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