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Avaler Commandery

Located on a plateau, the Avalleur commandry dominates the plain of the lordship of Bar-sur-Seine. The charter of its foundation disappeared in the 17th century. But handwritten sources cite numerous donations, sources of enrichment of the Templar domain, during the 12th and 13th centuries.

When, on March 22, 1312, Pope Clement V pronounced the suppression of the order of the Temple, he ordered that his property be returned to the Hospitaliers. The latter then took possession of The Land of Avalleur, but the estate remained managed in the same way. On February 8, 1520, during the management of the Hospitaliers, Avalleur expanded, by association with the commanderies of Arrentières, Lévigny and Thors, to the northeast.

The Commanderie d'Avalleur is composed of:
-From a chapel (early 13th), which retains part of its primitive aspect. The site's most complete and oldest complex, it was declared a historic monument on March 19, 1921. Surveys have revealed frescoes from the Templar era. The chapel is rectangular, flat-bedside, pierced by a triplet. Its unique nave is divided into three crossed warheads that rest on lamp with patterns of foliage or human figurations. A spiral staircase leads to the remarkable original chevron frame.
-Conventual buildings, which have retained their templar foundations, although redesigned by the Hospitaliers at the end of the 15th century: original gable wall, decorated with false joints and five-petal flowers. This house carries the arms of Jean de Choiseul, Commander of Avalor from 1510 to 1526.
-From a cistern, indispensable to daily life on this arid land.

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