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1 10 2 3 Escape game

The escape game 1-10-2-3 innovates in the concept of this game that has already conquered thousands of followers all over the world and in France, and offers original scenarios, accessible to all, in a warm atmosphere and a real immersion in the atmospheres Proposed.

An escape game is an adventure game in real life.
Locked in one or more rooms, a team of 3 to 6 players has 1 hour to complete different types of missions, escape, find a treasure, a murderer, an enigma or save the world.


You have just entered the corridors of time in spite of yourself, here you are in 1300!
Your ancestor is a master of the Order of the Templars, he explains that the soul of the knights is lost and that if you do not bring the heart of the Templars back into the present, everything will be lost...
Don't be afraid to find yourself in the Middle Ages, to become worthy of knights and to prove that the values of order still exist!
History is written in the present but you will rewrite it in the past, we count on you!

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