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Hotel de Saint Georges – Apparthotel 5* – Troyes

We are very pleased to welcome you to our 5-star Appart'Hotel De Saint Georges. It is important to remember that we are not a Hotel or a Palace. We depend on the "Furnished Tourism" legislation.

We acquired this Hotel Particulier at the end of 2014, in a state of great dilapidation. Despite this, it was already emerging from this Building a Soul. Its ancient walls, roofs and frames, and its set of medieval cellars imposed a great respect on you.
Our Love for the History of Our City regularly leads us to acquire abandoned houses that are in danger of disappearing.
We remain Craftsmen of Accommodation and Heritage Preservation. It is the whole spirit that surrounds us, that animates us with the Hope of meeting, both history buffs and Neophytes eager to learn, to understand the 600 years that separate us from his Birth.
We are looking for solutions to save us from the destruction of historic buildings that are invaluable. It is their restoration that allows our city to keep this medieval look.

The Hotel Fadate de Saint Georges, is a 16th century historical monument, estimated 1505-1510. The other 3 building bodies that surround it are dated to the early 17th, late 16th and late 15th centuries, respectively.
Their restoration lasted 3 full years, all roofs, frames, facades in wood panel, and Brick and Cies were in compliance with the original construction, and under the supervision of the Architect of the Buildings of France. Almost all of the materials used were taken to the site when dismantling old frames or digging into the earth.

Once again, our goal is to share and make as many tourists discover this typical place of Trojan architecture of the Middle Ages, we chose to reduce the number of Suite/apartments of 2 people to favor those of large sizes allowing families to finally be able to stay in the heart of the city, not be relegated to several kilometers.

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