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Crystal Museum in Bayel

Welcome to Bayel, the city of The Crystal whose museum was created in 1994

Conceived as an eco-museum, it was the inhabitants of Bayel who gave it its soul. You will discover a first phase devoted to the history of glass and crystal from antiquity to the present day, the tools and manufacturing techniques remained identical to those of the encyclopedia Diderot and D'Alembert. Many masterpieces of the "Best Workers of France" and many other exceptional creations presented in a real "Treasure" of the great period of the Decorative Arts (1925/1940). An 8-minute video, shot in the workshops of the Cristallerie Royale de Champagne, illustrates the different stages of manufacture: mouth blowing, hand-cutting, sanding engraving, satining, gilding, ...
A second sociological phase of all its importance presents "The Life of the Bayellois Once" in the form of a permanent exhibition evoking themes such as social, cultural, sporting, associative life of glassmakers keeping the manufacture as central core of their lives. The paternalism present early enough by the economatof of the Bayel glassworks in 1870 became the workers' cooperative called "the Copette" in 1910.
Since May 2016, the HAVILAND-DAUM group has decided to close the doors of the production site of the Royale de Champagne Cristallerie in Bayel. To safeguard our heritage, the Bayellois know-how, the Crystal Museum has created a Glass Workshop and set up blowing demonstrations in addition to the visit of its rooms and videos.
Other performances are in addition to the blowing demonstrations such as the christmas balls creative workshop, the Easter Eggs - glass painting workshop and an annual festival entitled "St. Lawrence Day, patron of glassmakers" on the last weekend August. Other services will be created little by little to develop tourism and economic activity in Bayel.

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