Du côté des Renoir

Welcomed first at the Espace Renoir, place of immersion and shows on the Renoir family, visitors will travel the village that the painter loved so much. Passing the house of Gabrielle, where crossing the Ource the charming little river that runs through Essoyes, they will head to the fully re-painted painter’s studio and the impressionist garden that surrounds it. At the end of the visit, they will complete their discovery of the world of Renoir by walking along one of the four marked hiking trails. They will admire the landscapes that Renoir has reproduced on his canvases. Some reproductions punctuate the circuits. “Renoir side” opens its doors in Essoyes. The small city of Champagne is transformed into a village of artists in Champagne where the visitor is invited to interfere in the world of the painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919). He first discovered the Renoir space, a permanent exhibition and a show room dedicated to the family sphere, then he borrowed the “discovery circuit” of the village which leads him to the workshop by a flower garden.

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