OME SWEET HOME, brand new house labeled “eco-building” in the heart of the Champagne and the Forêt d’Orient Regional Natural Park, 10 minutes from the city center TROYES, decorated with great taste for your most pleasant moment of tranquility.

The materials used make use of the concept of economy, ecosystem and bioconstruction in coherence with the built and natural environment. Here the all-wood construction employs insulation techniques and natural materials such as cellulose wadding, wood wool, solar energy by means of built-in roof sensors.
The woods used are spruce, chestnut, poplar.

For the interior decoration, plaster with natural lime also decorated with linen or pigments to bring variations to the decoration of the living space of the ground floor.

Finally, to vary the pleasures and bring personalized notes to the 4 rooms we chose paintings of plant origin (soybean oil) promoting a healthier air quality.

The eco-construction of this guest house, designed by a Troyen Architect, was carried out by a local carpenter who is none other than the President of the Association of Champagne Windmills.

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